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Scotch Flavio 15 glasses of scotch iron rods
May 26, 2014 10:02 AM PDT
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enjoy the music and have fun
mini royal,jazzuele,Andy weisbrod,fulbert ,loz Goddard,sandy spandy lee,najwars,aakamael,artefact,edgeplay,Dudley stangerways

urban beat march 2014
May 25, 2014 09:09 AM PDT
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enjoy the music 3iron rods
1 - Jay's Vibes Aqua Bassino 2Drive Thru Baaz 3Paints (Original Mix) Tom Ellis 4This Way (Original Mix) Pawas 5Sortable Mihai Popoviciu 6Too Loose (Santiago SantamariRemix Tom Lown 7 The Exchange Silk 86 8Tell You (Feat Kantoor) Malin Genie 9Feel So High (Original Mix) Eda, Yamen 10Walk On (Original Mix) Fjaak 11tension pure sense

deep shit memories
September 11, 2013 11:38 AM PDT
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its all about music, drunk to upload the playlist ,bookings 076 569 8803

14 glasses of scotch
August 08, 2013 12:32 AM PDT
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1 Your Love feat. Janet Cruz - Above Smoke Remix Bjak
2What They Say ANDRAS
4 - Dilemma (Original Mix) Sello
5Love Town Feat. Memphis (Original Mix) Meterius Johnson
6Waste My Time Mangaka
7Untitled 003 (Original Mix) Whim-ee
8The Life Andy Hart
9But No One Grandmoms Hands & Kooka
10 Bloody Stories Saverio Celestri
12Two Tone 101 (Original Mix) Martijn
13unwind (original mix) felix fleer & hekla

the Deeper Indulgence#15 GuestMix
June 10, 2013 09:56 AM PDT
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01. Toxez - XXII Summer Olympic Games (Mangaka Remix)

02. Exquisit - Almost Deaf

03. Scotch Flavio feat. Don Luciano - My Everything (Deeprebel's Deeper Mix)

04. MARCATO - Back For More

05. LISS, Dimitry - Into The Night (Rogerio Martins Remix)

06. Martijn - Sestriere (Original Mix)

07. Paskal, Urban Absolutes - Lichtenberg (Original Mix)

08. Dallomo - Discolento (Original Mix)

09. PAU, Anton feat MO - Endorphine (Victor's Mob Remix)

10. Andrey Pushkarev - Picea Abies

11. PEKLAR, Gerald - Abflug (Jargen Vonbank Remix).

May 10, 2013 04:57 AM PDT
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1 Baaz Sidewalk (Dubbyman Remix)
2 James Johnston I Know It's Not Time (Rick Wade remix)
3 Max Jacobson & Ari Frank Mexican Wine (Original Mix)
4 langenberg sun sorrow (dub mix)
5 Frankman White Rabbit (Marc Cotterell Sax Mix)
6 Jonny_Cade A_Sanguine_Lamb_Huxley_Remix
7 Sek Vice Lords (Original Mix)
8 A5 Cut1 (RAWAX004)
9 tamer_malki- alright_lets_go_
10 Jay Tripwire Jay Tripwire
11 Delano Smith Wires
12 Efdemin Blount (Feat. Kassian Troyer)

13 glasses of scotch
March 07, 2013 04:25 AM PST
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2LUNA, Federico Lovely (dub mix)
3Batcher Boring Guy
4 Moff, Tarkin Long Shot Poems For Broke Players (Viktor Birgiss Remix)
5CASSANELLI, Marco Intro Unknown
7Scherbe Arts Is Movin' Butts
8Mangaka - Let's have a masquerade (Original mix)
9Ryo Murakami Late Fall
10OZMAN, Onur Nowhere In The Dark (Harlem Knights remix)
11Alvaro Hylander Stop (Original)
12D.M.P The Dreamer (Original Mix)
13Steve Froggatt Lost in sound (steve's deep dub version)

urban beat guest mix 2012
January 10, 2013 08:56 AM PST

1 SOUL MINORITY Six Nine (original mix)
2 RICARDOG Your Heart
3 Calvera Love from Another Woman (Original Mix)
4 Mike Dunn Nothing Stays the Same (F.E.X. Remix)
5 James Johnston Lights Off
6 CHICKS LUV US/DAMIEN RAUD Moov (Double Dash dirty mix)
7 DJ Hal Girls & Boogie (Romulus Schwarz Mix)
8 ZUAT ZU Bandung
9 SAVVAS What You Need (Echofusion remix)
10 Rufus Only You (Original Mix)

my production, the taste of scotch
November 27, 2012 07:41 AM PST

1Scotch Flavio feat FiFi something (Chymamusique soulful remix)
2Scotch Flavio feat FiFi happy nights in summer (Cannon Soul remix)
3Scotch Flavio feat FiFi fountain of love (Brazo wa Afrika remix)
4Scotch Flavio feat Don Luciano my everrything
5Scotch Flavio Redemption
6Scotch Flavio Take me back
7Scotch Flavio flight to detroit
8Scotch Flavio tribute to my dad
9Scotch Flavio black moon
10Scotch Flavio breakfast in tokyo

Scotch Flavio Special resrved glasses of scotch
November 19, 2012 06:44 AM PST

bookings 079 877 3087
deep tech @ its level best
a playlist like that, total bliss we keep the standard
1Lutz Terfloth Swing Thing
2APPIAN Perception
3Loris Conte Better Love (Club Session edit)
4BUREX Lovely
5ALFARO, Jahiro All Of Me
6SELLOUTS A Few Chords
8Flori Holloway (J'shez Intergalactic Road Remix
9BREEZE & QUADRAT Oenothera (Marc Cotterell remix)
10 MOTI BROTHERS De In My Mind (Alvaro Hylander remix)
11Anonymous Nothing Changes (Original Mix)
12COCKNEY LAMA Van Wild & Windy (Roy Gilles Basement Jam mix)

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